The Tale of Gides and the Missing “U”

Patrick Bates
Oct 1 · 3 min read

While we are still a short few months out from our Beta launch, we wanted to get the ball rolling on exposing Gides to the public and start showing off little by little what makes this Social Information Platform so special.

The What

Gides is a mobile platform that enables anyone with a smartphone to create, view and share website-caliber content with the ease of sending a text message. Whats website-caliber content? Think of formatted text, image galleries, audio captions, columns, videos or anything embedded.

Our post format is called a ‘gide.’ When you post to social media, you are posting to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. A gide posts to the World Wide Web. You are the architect, deciding if only your 5 friends have access, or the entire digital world. Instead of posting repetitive, short form text or images that get locked away inside the “walled garden” of social media, elevate your creation potential with Gides by posting to the open web.

The Why

Our founder, Jeffrey Medford, has traveled throughout the world for business and pleasure and noticed that the internet, while extremely powerful, is not optimized for the average internet user to easily create and distribute digital content online.

Websites are inherently the best way to communicate and create on the internet because of how complex and versatile they are. But they require a certain level of technical sophistication and financial commitments.

Why must we use different platforms for different post types?

Social media is easy to use; we mindlessly scroll past the prim and proper posts with nice images, or short threads of thought, all small glimpses into the world we want people to see. But social media posts are not formatted, cannot be readily searched and indexed, and force you to create in a very rigid and uniform manner. Facebook and statuses, Twitter with short form text, Instagram and pictures- there is no diversity!

So Jeff set out to create a platform that would give users both the powerful search and flexible creation capabilities of websites AND the ecosystem of social networks. Did we mention that we do not mess with your data privacy, or sell your information to third parties?

The When

Gides has been in stealth for more than 2 years in order to protect our patent-pending technology. We are planning on launching our rolling Beta before the new year, opening to the public in the spring of 2020.

If you are interested to be one of the first users on our platform, sign up here.

The How: Chat-Based Interface

Chat is efficient because it’s easily accessible, easy to use, and we know how to create with the chat bar when prompted. However, the information is locked between the people having the conversation and is not publicly accessible.

Additionally, retrieving large quantities of information from a text conversation or email chain is tedious to do. Extracting content one entry at a time becomes too time consuming and inefficient when scaled to multiple entries and media types.

Creating website-caliber content with Gides is as easy as sending a text message

Creating website-caliber content with Gides is as easy as sending a text message. Traditionally, there is a steep learning curve when a new technology is introduced to a new audience. However, creation with a chat bar is something people do every day in text and messenger conversations. While Gides is a very feature rich and comprehensive platform, our creation process enables the average internet user to naturally understand how to create content on the Gides platform with minimal instruction.

Join our wait list today to be eligible to test out Gides before we launch to the general public, unlock perks and packages, and become one of the original users of this new technology.