Gides: The Social Commerce Platform

Patrick Bates

Patrick Bates

Oct 15 · 4 min read

The year is 2019, and the rise of the “shared-economy” has spurred normal everyday people to begin earning money from resources in their lives. These resources, like access to a car, a spare bedroom, or even useless junk around their house, have found channels for adding value to others through services like Uber, Airbnb, and Ebay.

Before the advent of these sharing technologies, these resources would continue to have gone under-utilized. But because these mediums not only enable access to these resources, but do so in an intuitive, easy to use, and simple way, adoption has skyrocketed. The platforms above do this through three steps:

  1. Reduce the pain points of entry
  2. Enable more people to participate
  3. Spur sales growth through the offering of previously unavailable technology

Gides is paving the way for creatives, influencers, and individuals to have a better option for monetizing their content

Currently, there are millions of content creators that are making money through YouTube and Patreon. But hold on- YouTube only hosts videos, and Patreon only gives creators the option of charging a membership fee for access to their content. Why limit creators to these confines, when they can have access to dozens of post types and monetization capabilities in one central place.

If you would like to learn more about Gides, I recommend you check out this quick 2 minute read.

The Solution

There is a reason that companies have a traditional website for information sharing, yet rely on social media to interact with consumers- the two are in complete different spaces. Gides’ solution is to combine a social platform with the monetization capabilities of a digital marketplace.

Note: the ability to monetize content is simply an option, and by no means required in the creation of gides.

But imagine if you created ‘gides’ detailing the fitness routines and workouts you do on a daily basis out of your home gym in Charleston, SC (using our GeoFence feature, you can restrict the viewing of your content to 5, 10, 20 miles from Charleston. The world is your oyster!)

You’ve gathered a following that receives value from your contributions to their health and wellness, so much so that 5,000 people have viewed and became followers of your content and given you great reviews and feedback. Flash forward and you have 10,000 followers.

You now have the ability to monetize your content in a variety of ways. If you charged $1 in exchange for access to your content on a weekly or monthly basis, you would convert an otherwise limited audience to a whole new stream of income.

We believe that by giving people advanced, yet simple-to-use creation tools and a social ecosystem, we will give way to a whole new generation of creators. Airbnb capitalized on spare bedrooms, Uber used the under-optimized availability of a car, and eBay turned anyone with a camera and a computer into a specialty seller. Gides enables users to make money off of digital content that they perceive to add value to others.

Protecting your digital content

The conversation now turns to analysis: if someone is selling digital art prints on Gides, can’t I just scrape the content without paying?

As the very essence of Gides is ‘creation without limitations’ we aim to hold true in protecting the freedom that comes with it. The beauty of creating a gide is that you make all the decisions from cradle to the grave. A simple settings tweak on an individual gide will prevent anyone from screen-shooting your content and ‘save picture as’ that has haunted visual content creators with the ghost of watermarks and other wayward attempts at preventing digital theft.

Protecting your privacy

While there have been many inspirations throughout the inception and development of Gides, Humane Tech best echoes our calls to action over the continual social infringement and mishandling of our user privacy and data.

Today’s tech platforms are caught in a race to the bottom of the brain stem to extract human attention. It’s a race we’re all losing.

The result: addiction, social isolation, outrage, misinformation, and political polarization — all part of one interconnected system called human downgrading that poses an existential threat to humanity.

Our mission is to reverse human downgrading by realigning technology with our humanity. -Human Tech

Gides was designed to compliment our lives, not weigh down the scales in favor of more screen time. We want people to get on our platform, get educated, and go do.

Join us as we approach launch this winter with the mission of giving every smartphone owner the means to share smarter. We are still accepting requests to join our early access release, so click the link above to request your username and join the next generation of creators.